Drum/percussion tracks

Trackland was founded by veteren session drummer Dan Bailey. Dan has has the good fortune to contribute to the live performances and recordings of: Father John Misty, First Aid Kit, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Gungor, Everest, Pacific Air, Anderson East, Jon Foreman, B.o.B, Sean and Sara Watkins, Christina Aguilera, Escondido, Slow Future and many others. 

On our audio sample page, you'll be able to hear examples of our sounds and of Dan's playing.

Be it drums, hand percussion or programming analog drum machine sounds, we have the experience and the tools to bring your next project to life. 

A small sample of the drum gear available for your track:

50's WFL
60's Rogers 
60's Camco
70's Camco  
Tama Star Walnut 

Snare drums
14x7 AK/Craviotto Bronze
14x7 Qdrum Aluminum 
14x7 Qdrum Gentlemen's Copper
14x6.5 1920's Ludwig Nickel over brass 
14x6.5 Canopus Steel 
14x6.5 Ludwig copperphonic 
14x6.5 Tama Kenny Arronaff Trackmaster
14x5 Ludwig COB 1950's supraphonic 
14x6.5 Tama Star Walnut
14x6.5 1930's Gretsch 
14x7 Noble & Cooley SS Tulip
14x6 Noble & Cooley Walnut  
14x5 Noble & Cooley SS Oak 
14x4 Noble & Cooley SS Maple 

Nord Drum 2 run through many boutique guitar pedals 

All the percussion you'll ever need
Dozens of Istanbul Agop cymbals, appropriate for any style